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Oliver Chiropractic's Dr. Steve Oliver

  Dr. Steve Oliver

With over a decade of clinical experience I am confident we can help you better understand your back pain, and work toward a lasting solution.  
We work together on...

  • Discovering causes of your problem at work, at home or in recreation.
  • Providing solutions to the cause of back pain.  This may include advice on ergonomics, how to sit properly, correct lifting techniques, and/or appropriate exercises at the gym.
  • Delivering the care that is most comfortable to you.  A variety of techniques including manual adjusting, instrument adjusting, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching and exercise prescription are available to you.  If any of that is new to you, don’t worry, we take plenty of time to discuss your treatment options.

Back Pain Facts

  • Lower back pain is the second leading cause of missed work days, following the common cold.
  • According to Health Canada, back pain is also the second most common reason to see a medical doctor.
  • Nearly 90% of the adult population will suffer from back pain at some point.
  • Back pain costs the Canadian economy about 16 billion dollars per year.
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What is Back Pain?

  • Back pain is a complex, disabling problem that requires the care of a trained specialist.  The most common condition treated by chiropractors is back pain.
  • Back pain has several sources including: muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves. Discs may not produce pain directly, but can play a vital role in your back pain problem.
  • Pain can travel.  Pain or symptoms felt in the leg, groin, hip, buttock, or abdomen may in fact arise from structures of the back and spine.  
  • Understanding the source of your pain is a crucial step in providing treatment directed at the cause of the problem.

Back pain is a recurring problem that often gets worse with each episode.   When you understand and can visualize the problem you have a far better chance of addressing the issues that lead to back pain.  
Our patients gain the confidence, knowledge, and awareness to actively prevent the agony of future back pain.

What to DO about Back Pain?

  • DO make an appointment for an initial examination.  Without a thorough examination from a back pain specialist you will miss the most important step of learning where and why the problem is occuring.
  • DON’T just treat the symptoms. We understand that most people are looking for relief.  The problem is that symptoms often are not present until well into the course of disease.  Many imbalances in your body could contribute to low back pain, for example: chronic tightness and muscle spasm in the low back; restriction in the joints of the hip, knee, or ankle; fallen arches; weak abdominals, to name a few.  The best relief comes by addressing the causes of the problem.

Your back pain is a multi-factorial problem.  It will likely be worse if you are stressed, unhappy, or going through difficult changes in work and life.  The health of your back and its tissues will be affected by what you drink, eat and consume.  Your general level of activity and movement will greatly impact your spinal health and its deterioration. Previous traumas, accidents and injuries, as well as family history of arthritis and other spinal diseases are a part of your back pain problem.  It’s a lot to consider.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Let us help make back pain easier to manage.