Oliver Chiropractic | Testimonials

Chiropractic helped me recover from concussion.  Neck treatments allowed me to sleep better and get through the difficult recovery.  – PAUL  (Competitive Cyclist)

Dr. Steve’s treatments are non-painful and you feel so better after.   – MADALINE  (Retired)

Chiropractic has improved my overall state of health, not only lower back issues, but also headaches, neck strain and shoulders.  – DON  (Golfer and Sales Manager)

Feel Better.  Recognize when an adjustment is needed rather than tolerate aches and pains or ‘wait until they go away’.   – KEN  (Computer Programmer)

I am so grateful my doctor passed your name along to me.  – JANET  (Retired)

Chiropractic has helped me with back problems and now with my arms due to frozen shoulders.   I feel Dr. Steve has a good knowledge of what is the best way to treat your problem.   – ANNE  (Retired)

The weatherman says it’s going to rain, ..I already know by my aches and much pain. My neck creaks, my hips are stiff, ..and my spine has its tail in an awful miff.  Fingers hurt, and ankles and wrists,.. and don’t even ask me to make a fist.  My aches and pains I want to relieve, ..So I pick up the phone and call Dr. Steve.  I know that as soon as I can be I’ll be seen, .. with appointment made by Susanne or Colleen.  With gentle touch he finds the sore spots,.. then sends the pain flying with a bunch of pop-pops.  With patience he listens to my complaints by the score,.. and suggests some exercises to try a few times- or more.  An adjustment here and another one there, .. then I’m out of the office without a care.  So if your joints are feeling blue,.. Call Dr. Steve, he’ll help you too. 
 – EDITH  (Gardener)... thanks Edith.

I have been to several chiropractors over the years and even attended the college clinic in Toronto as a resident there.  Most practitioners of chiropractic are dedicated to a holistic approach to prevention and I have found that the staff and doctor here to encourage this lifestyle approach.   – CAROL  (Music instructor)

Before coming for chiropractic care on a regular basis I had chronic pain in the middle of my back. After treatment, the pain is gone. Standing for extended periods of time is no longer painful, but previously it would become difficult to remain standing due to the back pain I had for many years .   –  JEFF  (Car Detailer)

I have a condition known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  Not serious or life threatening, but extremely unsettling.  One visit cleared away the dizzy feeling.  Chiropractic can make a huge difference-  & Dr. Steve loves his job!  – LYNN  (Retired)